Ex On The Beach

My arrival on MTV’S Ex on the beach

On Tuesday night I arrived on Ex on the beach, the response I have had has been errrrm mixed. If you remember me from season 2, you will be able to tell in this series I’m not the same, I’m being pushed to the limit.

I’m writing this to say one thing.

People need to CHILL.

Ex on the beach is a TV show….Entertainment. If everyone in the villa were best mates, you (the viewers) would be bored. I went on the show to make good TV.

I walked into an environment, similar to being in school. People had their clicks especially the girls.

Kayleigh was their little leader so obviously as me and her were no longer friends and she is a manipulative lying bitch that there wasn’t much hope for me getting along with anyone.

One thing I am not, is FAKE. from the second I walked into that villa and everyone was sitting there, I was put on the spot.

I honestly did feel bad for Lillie, even when I had seen her out before I went on the show, I felt bad, hence why I was nice to her. But as I have explained to her, I was unaware that Gaz was in a serious relationship.

Walking into somewhere where I know people already dislike me, I’m not going to start sucking up to try and win them over. I’m not there to make friends at the end of the day, I’m there to make good TV. So that’s what I did.

Heads up for the next episode before the Trolls begin to go on at me about “Loyalty”, I did not and still do not have any loyalties to anyone on the show. Especially Kayleigh. She is the biggest online troll going, to be honest, she’s a troll in person too… she is a poisonous, vindictive, bitter woman who from what it seems spends her whole day retweeting and commenting back on tweets about me. Lillie on the other hand I have respect for as she has stayed dignified on her twitter when she actually has a right to not like me.

I’d appreciate it if you could keep all your nasty comments to yourself, because as your probably aware, I don’t care if people don’t like me & your using all my battery up!

Peace Out!


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