Halloween is almost here! I’m so excited, it is my second favorite time of year after Christmas. I love everything about it, the spooky look and feel, the color of all the leaves as they’re about to fall off the tree’s, the weather!! I love the cold weather. Call my weird but I’m kind of a vampire when it comes to sun and heat, is not made for the sun! My eyes burn in the sun, so does my skin, I can’t handle heat what so ever! So when Halloween comes around I’m in my element.
enhanced-buzz-29473-1380573499-5I also love all the horror movies on TV around this time of year.My all time favorite obviously being Hocus Pocus! I know your probably thinking Hocus Pocus isn’t a horror film….But it’s always scared me since I was a kid. I used to watch this every year, I had a black cat as well so I convinced she was a person trapped inside a cat’s body  after watching this. Always freaked me out!


My ultimate thing I love about Halloween is dressing up. As mean girls once said.

In girl world, Halloween is the one night of year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.


I love how you can dress up to be whatever you want to be. Most girls see Halloween as an opportunity to show as much skin as possible, I have to say I’m guilty of this. Girls will literally dress up in anything as long as the word ‘slutty’ is in front of it. “I’m a slutty vampire” “I’m  a slutty nurse” I’m a slutty cat” you can be slutty whatever you want to be! If you want a sexy Halloween outfit, this is the perfect site! http://www.saucyuk.com 

Here are a couple of the outfits I modelled for them.


Now I don’t know if it’s just me getting old or what but this year I’m planning on actually dressing up in a nonslutty outfit. Probably because me and my boyfriend are going as a matching outfit,  Drogo, and Khaleesi from the game of thrones. That’s if we can find a good enough outfit.


Last Year I went as Cat Woman






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