New Honda Motorbike


After watching my dad having such a good time riding round on his motorbike, I decided to put my car in the garage and have a go on two wheels and buy myself a motorbike. Never been into bikes before so I had a lot of learning to do and a lot of studying.  To ride a bike legally in the UK you have to take a test called the CBT. (Compulsory Basic Training) A days training (In the rain I might add) and at the end a well deserved certificate that meant I could ride a bike. Well any bike up to a 125cc with L plates and no pillion.

With my certificate in hand I hurried down to a few bike shops to buy my first bike. Being a young female with no experience about bikes I found every bike shop I went to they were just showing me the bike that would cost me the most. No questions asked but this is the bike you want. You will also need warranty, Thats Extra, AA Cover, Thats Extra. I walked away feeling a bit dissilusioned as my head was spinning.

On the way home we were driving past the Honda dealer in Wigan. I thought the franchised dealer would be more expensive, but it was worth a try.  Just having passed my CBT my choices of bike are limited to any bike I want as long as its 125cc or under. I was shown a bike by the senior sales executive, Liam that I though was new and would be too expensive for me. But the bike was actually a used demo bike with 800 miles on the clock, and a big saving against a new bike, and it came with the remainder of the manufactures warranty and breakdown cover included. So the bike actually worked out cheaper than the non franchised dealer. With help from Matt and Russ I was able to get all my other gear with the money I saved. I got the bike, helmet , boots and a few other bits and still saved money not having to buy a warranty.


I was offer a test on a bigger bike and accepted without hesitation. My first time on a 500cc bike. After being on the bigger bike made me realise I want to to my Mod 1 and Mod 2 so I can get a bigger bike as soon as possible. But the 125 will give me a good stepping stone and the confidence I need to move to a bigger bike one I pass all my tests.





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