Hermosa Professional UK



Hermosa is a new brand of luxury hair & beauty products. Iv recently tried out a few of their products and I have to say I’m very impressed!


The scrub is coconut and vanilla, 100% Natural, and smells like heaven!! I’m not usually the biggest fan of face masks or body scrubs, they can sometimes leave your skin feeling either too oily or too dry. But whatever formula they have used in this product is perfect. It left my skin feeling like silk.

face mask.jpg

Blue Shampoo 

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a fake blonde (like most blondes). Every winter my natural hair goes even darker, as I refuse to bleach my hair I just tint it. The tint makes my hair look ginger rather than a natural blonde. I have tried loads of products to help with this problem, but nothing seems to completely ger rid of the ginger undertones. I was told about this Blue Shampoo and was  and it literally saved my life! After only 1 application It took all of the ginger out of my hair and gave me nice blonde locks again.


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