Verdant Restaurant & bar Allerton road

Verdant Restaurant & bar Allerton road

I was invited to Verdant Restaurant and bar on Allerton road in Liverpool to try their new Brunch Menu. I have to say, this is one of the nicest designed restaurants in Liverpool I have been to in a while. I actually drove past earlier in the day and thought how nice the restaurant looked before even realising that i was actually going to that exact restaurant later on in the day.



Everything in there is designed perfectly from the big extravagant picture frame/chair as you walk in to the flowers hanging from the ceiling. Even the girls toilets were nice! This is always a good sign when visiting a restaurant for the first time.


We got the brunch menu and I was there for a good 10 minutes trying to decided what to have, everything on the menu sounded nice. So I decide to go for a classic English Breakfast. It was Delicious! My Boyfriend went for a  cheese burger. He didn’t even talk to me throughout the meal he was enjoying it that much!

Before we left we decided to have a little cocktail. They were made to perfection.

I would defiantly highly recommend this place to anyone. The venue, food, drinks and staff were all perfect!

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